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by Dakota Nights, posted 05/03/13 10:50 AM


Spring has sprung....& unfortunately, our CD did not get done!  Time slipped away too quickly for us!  Now, It's that time of year...Spring planting...branding....& adding new songs to our repitoir!!  It is also a time when the gigs start rolling in too!Smile

Be sure to check our calendar....I will be adding events as they come....already booked out for July!   Have a great spring reader!


Mid Winter!

by Dakota Nights, posted 02/14/13 03:36 PM

Mid Winter!

Hello Reader!

Here we are...mid winter!  As stated in the last blog, recording has started for us!  It has been fun so far, and hope to complete the album by the begining of April!  We have also explored many places to extend our performing area!  Check in with our events to see where we will be in 2013!   Stay warm reader, spring is just around the corner!!  :)

Merry Christmas!!

by Dakota Nights, posted 12/20/12 11:08 AM

Merry Christmas!!

Goodness!  Has it really been June since I last posted?!  Where did the time go?!   I would like to a this time, thank our Families, Fans, Friends, and Venues for making 2012 such a happy memorable year for us!  We've been to many places this past year, and loved every minute of it....yes, even those few "rough" spots!

I would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, & a Blessed New Year!  To the Bands our there...May you get many bookings, and have safe travels.  To those band families....your support does incredible things for us performers!  I know we dont always take the time to say thank you, but we do always appreciate the words of encouragement, & the interest that you show.  THANK YOU!

Dakota Nights will be doing our last performance of 2012 on Dec. 21 & 22 at one of our favorite places...the Williston Moose Lodge!!   January through April will find us at Zelderbug Studio, recording our 3rd album.  It is always exciting to do this!!  Take care reader!!

Update Time!

by Dakota Nights, posted 06/19/12 11:49 AM

Hi All!

Finally found time for an update!  We've been busy here at Dakota Nights...learning new songs, updating equipment, and of course, spring planting & cattle work!   We are getting ready for our gigs in Williston, and preparing for our gig at the Deadwood Mountain Grand,  August 16, 17 & 18, in Deadwood, SD!!

We are looking forward to our gigs, and if you happen to be there too, come up and give us a "howdy"!  Have a great summer!!


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