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Out of Line 1986 - 1987

by correy, posted 10/24/08 03:32 AM  

Out of Line 1986 - 1987

OUT OF LINE was the band's name!!  I have no idea how we came up with that name.  We were about as milkshake as they get.  In fact we'd have other bands send us up shots of milk while we were playing.....Thanks Rick!!!

Members of the band: James "You'll See..." Jiskra, Phil "der hey" Fesser, Gary "Cool Head Luke" Stockert, Brad "Neil's my twin" Stockert, Kris "PVC Pipe Queen" Kitko & me, Kip "is it a girl, is it a boy?" Ireland.

Did we really exist?  I think we played from early 1986 to the summer of 1987.  This was right smack dab in the middle of the HAIR BALL days.  Men should not use more Aqua Net then women.  Or use more makeup then women................
There used to be a bar called the "Corner Pocket" in Dickinson and in Williston.  The owner of the one in Dickinson was generous with the left handed cigarettes after the gig was over....or maybe he was the one that owned the bar in Williston?  Hmm. . .should've said, "no" to da smoke?  We played there more often than any other bar.

Holy shit. . .where do I begin?  There was a TON of memorable moments with this band.  Let's see. . . hmmm. . .the first one was between James "Uppercut" Jiskra VS Kip "Chi-Chi Rodriguez" Ireland in the back docks of the ol' Front Page bar.  I think the fight began because Uppercut tore down with the other band members while Chi-Chi was downstairs with the bar manager getting the money for the band.  (Just a little inside trick on how not to tear down.. . .
remember always my young little rock-star-wanna-be).

The next moment takes us all the way up in Minot at the local Country Kitchen.  This is where I cringe to think I could be so rude.  But, anger plus time equals humor.  Anyway, we had a gig at "Bells Lounge" in Minot.  Monday night after playing, the band went to Country Kitchen for some fine dining and some hair raisin' (it was the 80's you know) yelling.  We were booked to play Monday thru Saturday and was housed in the "Band House"!  Just the word, "Band House" in Minot makes my skin crawl now.  The Band House was famous for housing some real scanks and the beds were housed by crabs.  Being a real scuzbag myself, I really didn't mind sleeping there.....heck, I was broke and the room was free.  Three other band members wanted to stay at a local hotel while the other 3 of us didn't want to pay for a hotel since we got a free room with the critters.  HEY JAMES, HOW MANY HOURS DID WE YELL IN THAT RESTAURANT?  LOL!!!!!  
My truest apologies to the other 3 band members.

I guess I should mention we didn't fight all the time. . .In fact I remember Brad and I having to walk in front of the band truck in the middle of a terrible blizzard on I94.  It was so bad Gary couldn't see 5 feet in front of the truck while driving.  So, as smart as a musician can get, Brad and I decided to step onto the ice slicked interstate at sub-zero North Dakota temperatures and direct Gary through it like frickin' reindeer pulling Santa's frickin' sleigh.
It's amazing Brad and I are alive today.....LOL!!!

One more.....this is funny....let me try and paint you the picture.....I was about 140lbs, 5'5" tall.  I had HUGE blonde hair (I couldn't sit up in a car without crushin' the hair), I wore makeup that would make a transvestite jealous and I wore pink and yellow clothes most of the time.  Okay. . .ya got the picture?  A real manly type, right?  LOL.....Here's the story.  I met up with this gorgeous woman one night while we were playing.  One thing led to another and we started seeing each other.  She forgot to tell me she broke up with her "All-Star-softball-player-my-arms-are-bigger-than-most-men's-legs" boyfriend to be with me.  We had been dating for about a week when I met the guy.  How I met him?  Not the typical way.  I just got out of the shower and was making my hair HUGE and putting on my makeup when the X-boyfriend broke into my house and grabbed me by the neck and threw me up against the mirror.  Here we are in this little 6'x6' trailer type bathroom and he warned me to stay away from his girlfriend.  Now.. .you tell me. . .if you were the X wouldn't you feel a bit taken aback to see this little fruitcake with purple eye-shadow, dark eye-liner and lipstick stealing your girlfriend away?  I taught him a lesson by leaving makeup all over his hands. . .mess with me will ya!!!!
It's about as bad as finding out your wife wants to leave you for another woman.

Kip's top 10 Life's Lessons (You can either learn from your mistakes or from others)
1)  Never take a chick to bed who has a "Mrs." before her name. 
2)  Never have a female member of the band have a room next to you if you are planning
on screwing very loud female groupies.
3)  Never spin your drummer's cymbals while he's playing them.  Unless you have a lot of money.
4)  Never piss out of a moving bus on the interstate at 55mph after a major tequila binge.
5)  Never grab a steal girder while holding onto an ungrounded mic.
6)  Never put colored electricians tape around each finger before you play your guitar in front of a couple hundred people....no matter how cool you think it looks.
7)  Never yell out to a heckler, "Hey, I know who you are.  I screwed your mom.  You may not recognize her now after I shaved her back."  Especially if this is a very large man and you are only 5'5" and weigh 140lbs.
8)  Never snort coke after it's been soaked in perm solution....or for that matter....never snort coke :)
9)  Never practice the art of sucking on throat lozenges before playing the sax every night and expect the pads to work.
10)  Never answer, "yes" to GMA.

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