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Sportin' Wood is an all acoustic group from Bismarck, ND.  They play a wide range of music:  from country to rock and folk to pop, with all things in between.  With 80+ songs, they can please people from ages 16 to 60!  They are currently working on original material, some of which is already included in their set list.

            This is a band that can entertain a bar, coffee house, patio or personal party.  With a small but effective PA and lighting system, Sportin’ Wood requires ¼ of the space as your typical bar band, and with only two members, can prove a cost effective way for places to have bands that normally would not.


Josh Peshek – lead vocals/rhythm guitar.  Josh has spent the better part of his life singing.  He is active in church and performance vocals.  With a very dynamic vocal range, practically no song is off limits for him.  He also plays rhythm guitar, which helps fill out the sound for the entire band.

 Josh Hewson – lead guitar.  Josh is quite the musician.  He has played guitar for over 20 years, and developed his own original style. He has drawn from a wide range of influences, taken bits and pieces from each, and created a unique perspective on acoustic guitar and acoustic music in general. 

Please feel free to visit for a complete set list, pictures and video, and even a fan forum. 



Josh Peshek – 701-226-3368

            Josh Hewson –


From ABBA to Zappa, and everything in between

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